As indicated in the Euroseeds Statutes, Euroseeds has been created as an International Non-Profit Association. This means that the provisions of chapter III of the Belgian law of 27 June 1921, on Non-Profit Associations, on International Non Profit Associations and on Foundations apply to the association.
Euroseeds statutes
Euroseeds, as an association, as well as each of its members, is responsible for complying with anti-trust rules and for ensuring that its employees respect and are aware of their obligations under such anti-trust rules. In order to remind members of the rules under which meetings should take place, Euroseeds has adopted Anti-Trust Guidelines that contain the most basic principles to be respected under anti-trust law.
Euroseeds Anti-Trust Guidelines
Data protection and privacy is very important for Euroseeds therefore, by the present Privacy Policy we wish to inform you about what data Euroseeds collects from you and for what purposes, how we use that data, who has access to that data and what are your rights to control your privacy. Please take your time to read this policy and contact Euroseeds if you have any questions or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy.
Euroseeds Privacy Policy
Members of Euroseeds work in full compliance with applicable laws and expect all actors of the seed market to follow these rules in commercial activities. In order to further promote a business environment where the players manifest mutual respect and act according to the applicable rules, Euroseeds adopted a General Code of Conduct in 2012. This Code confirms that companies who are members of Euroseeds act in full compliance with the rules and also sets out a procedure whereby non-compliant behaviour can be identified and followed up. Signature of the General Code of Conduct is not only a requirement for Euroseeds members but also a condition to participate at Euroseeds Congress.
Euroseeds General Code of Conduct
Citizens can, and indeed should, expect the EU decision-making process to be as transparent and open as possible. The more open the process is, the easier it is to ensure balanced representation and avoid undue pressure and illegitimate or privileged access to information or to decision makers. Transparency is also a key part of encouraging European citizens to participate more actively in the democratic life of the EU. The transparency register has been set up to answer core questions such as what interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets. The system is operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Euroseeds is registered on the Joint European Commission and Parliament Transparency Register under Registration number 11362308587-10. For more information regarding the Transparency Register, please see its website.
EU transparency register
The European seed sector strongly rejects child labour. Euroseeds adopted a position paper advising its members not to employ children within their company organisations. In line with the EU Directive on the protection of young people at work (Directive 94/33/EC, in place since 1994), Member States must prohibit the employment of children under the age of 15 or still in full-time compulsory education. The Directive is not applicable to occasional work, or work carried out for a limited period in domestic service in a private household, or to work in a family business that is not considered likely to harm, injure or endanger the young person. According to the Directive, in the European Union a young person below the age of 18 years should not be employed to undertake dangerous or hazardous work. The International Labour Organization Minimum Age Convention (no 138) also sets 15 years as the minimum age for admission to employment and work and has been ratified by all 28 EU Member States. Being a reality in various countries, child labour is strongly rejected by the Euroseeds. Euroseeds actively advises its members not to employ children within their company organizations and encourages companies to work on securing the same commitment from their business partners.
Euroseeds Position on Child Labour