Open reply to European Greens attempts to discredit broad scientific consensus on New Genomic Techniques (NGTs)

September 30, 2022

Plant breeding innovation

Euroseeds represents the seed sector in Europe, with more than 36 national member associations and 67 direct company members. We represent the interests of those active in research, breeding, production and marketing of seeds (

Based on this broad membership, we advocate for science-based decision making with the aim of contributing to a fair and proportionate regulation of the European seed sector; freedom of choice for customers (from farmers to consumers) as a result of innovative, diverse technologies and production methods, and an effective protection of intellectual property rights.

Responding to the European Greens/EFA group and their recent report, we want to clarify the following points:

  • NGTs applications are versatile and can be used in the development of a wide range of different products. One type of products are GMOs (e.g., using genome editing tools to introduce a transgene). However, other types of NGT derived plants are similar to those that could occur in nature or produced by conventional breeding methods, e.g. by induced random mutagenesis.
  • There is broad scientific consensus that those applications of NGTs resulting in conventional-like plants are also as safe as conventional breeding (EFSA, Scientific opinion on plants developed using SDN-1&2 and ODM).
  • It is not possible to distinguish NGT-derived plants from products that were developed by using conventional breeding processes that do not lead to regulated GMO products (as confirmed by the joint research center of the EU ,JRC, as well as the European network of GMO laboratories).

Finally, we want to reiterate our commitment to a more sustainable agriculture and plant breeding has a proven track record of contributing to this goal.

“The EC’s study shows that there is a broad scientific consensus about NGTs and that’s why we will continue advocating for our members’ efforts on this very important topic”, says Garlich von Essen, Secretary General of Euroseeds.