Member States support NGTs at the Informal Farm Council

September 7, 2023

In spite of significant challenges posed by flooding, the Informal Farm Council held in Córdoba, Spain, centered on ‘new technologies as a tool for a more resilient agriculture in the face of climate change,’ has been declared a success by Spain’s Agriculture Minister, Luis Planas. Addressing the press, Planas emphasized the crucial need for a sustainable and resilient agriculture to alleviate environmental and climate pressures. Moreover, the Council achieved a consensus on the importance of providing consumers with ample information, especially in the context of organic farming utilizing new genomic techniques. In addition to this, the Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski emphasized the importance of enabling farmers with access to new technologies and the necessary skills to implement them, emphasizing a responsible approach towards NGTs. Both the EU Member States and the EU Commission expressed active support for NGTs, new technologies in precision farming and sharing innovations within the rural community.