Important aspects in communication about plant breeding and genome editing in Europe

September 5, 2022

Genome editing




Plant breeding innovation

In the framework of the H2020 CropBooster-P project, together with its partners from Plant ETP, Wageningen University & Research and the Julius Kühn-Institut, Euroseeds worked on a research study about assessing the communication activities and needs of stakeholders around the topic of plant breeding innovation.

The results were recently published in the open access article “Communicating about plant breeding and genome editing in plants: Assessment of European stakeholders, sources, channels, and content” in the Journal Food and Energy Security.

Our analysis suggests that, in general, a high level of trust is associated with representatives from academia, and that safety-related aspects, transparency and sustainability are considered very important topics across the different stakeholder groups. In addition, social media seem to play a subordinate role for inter-stakeholder communication but is of higher relevance for reaching out to the public.

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