Euroseeds statement

March 7, 2022

Food security

Euroseeds expresses its heartfelt solidarity with its many colleagues, partners and friends in the Ukrainian seed and farming sector and with the entire Ukrainian people.

The European seed community stands united in calling for an end to the military aggression ordered by the Russian government and for a restoration of peace and the integrity of Ukraine.

Our thoughts are with all who suffer through these times of war, for their safety and well-being.

Seed is the irreplaceable starting point of all food production, a precondition for food security and with that for political and economic stability and well-being of people worldwide.

The Ukraine for long has made a strong contribution to this and collaboration and cooperation of the European and Ukrainian seed sector has been flourishing for many years.

European seed companies will do all that lies in their power to assure that seed will reach its long-standing partners in Ukraine and, ultimately, Ukrainian farmers and growers.

And Euroseeds will work tirelessly with the European Union institutions, governments of Members States and the Ukrainian authorities to be successful in this endeavour.