Euroseeds statement in view of the PRM study release

April 30, 2021

Genetic resources

Euroseeds welcomes publication of the EU Commission’s PRM study but sees need for more clarity and focus on principal objectives of future proposals

Euroseeds agrees with the objective to improve the EU seed legislation by making it more comprehensive, strengthen uniform application and support more efficient and effective procedures. We also support the integration of new technological developments and managerial possibilities and options.

Generally, however, Europe’s breeders and farmers have clearly expressed their appreciation of the principles of the current s legal framework and its positive and long-standing contribution to sustainability, seed diversity, and responsiveness to challenges such as food security and climate change. It has also allowed sufficient flexibility to accommodate specific needs of niche markets and different markets.

Fostering market-driven innovation through improved varieties in the interest of sustainable food security and serving the needs of seed users must remain the principal objective of the EU’s legislation. Both objectives are also fundamental for the success of the EU Green Deal and its related Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies.

We are therefore concerned that elements of the policy options presented appear to be inconsistent with the above-mentioned objectives and the views expressed by seed suppliers, seed users and national authorities. Euroseeds therefore is of the opinion that a much more in-depth discussion of stakeholders with Commission and Member States is needed in order to identify and agree on key areas for improvement. The announced further consultations and impact assessment should provide this possibility and will hopefully strengthen focus and clarity of future proposals.

Euroseeds reiterates its commitment to contribute to fair rules and proportionate requirements for all operators of plant reproductive material that help to assure farmers’ access to healthy, high quality seed of the most suitable plant varieties, facilitate the movement of seed, and safeguard the leading international position of Europe’s plant breeders and seed producers.

We are therefore looking forward to actively engage with all relevant stakeholders, authorities and institutions in the upcoming consultations to develop concrete proposals that will bring further improvements to the successful European seed market and legislation.