European Elections 2024: a call to action for millions of citizens

May 23, 2024

European seed sector

Millions of Europeans will go back to the ballot boxes this year to express their preference for the new members of the European Parliament. Poised to happen between the 6th and 9th June, the European elections are a very significant moment for all the citizens, who are given the chance to directly contribute to a more democratic, inclusive and competitive Europe. 

As the dates are draw, the European Parliament has undertaken a global online campaign aiming at raising awareness about the importance of voting for every European, as a right but also as a civic duty.  

Euroseeds is proud to take part in this initiative, which connects a wide range of transnational and national organisations from all over Europe, and be recognized as an official partner of the European Parliament. The campaign called ‘Together.EU’, also gathers important information about the election process for each of the European member states and even sends notifications to remind the most distracted citizens to go to vote!

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