European Agri-Food Chain Urges Collaboration with Commission on Sustainable Food Systems Framework

May 12, 2023

Food systems


Sustainable Agriculture

A network of 31 organisations, representing the European agri-food chain, has expressed its support for the Farm to Fork Strategy’s goal of achieving more sustainable food systems and has called for a collaborative effort with the European Commission to establish an efficient, robust, and successful Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS). In a letter to the Commissioners, the chain highlighted the importance of a holistic, coordinated, harmonized, inclusive, and science-based policy to achieve sustainability, along with the need for a clear definition of sustainability and a precise scope of the regulation that aligns with existing sectorial legislation.

The letter also emphasized the importance of policy coherence and an interdisciplinary approach involving all relevant EU legislation and the relevant Commission’s Directorate-Generals (DGs) and their expertise. The chain stressed the need for a multi-stakeholder cooperation approach involving agri-food chain actors and the interlinkage of food security and sustainable food systems.

Furthermore, the European agri-food chain called for realistic cost review and support for necessary transitions and recognition of the diversity of agri-food realities in their contribution to sustainability. The letter concluded with a request for a meeting with the Commissioners to discuss these points and work together towards a sustainable food system.