A visual wrap-up of Euroseeds at ISF Congress

May 20, 2022

Brussels, 20th May 2022 – The Euroseeds Secretariat attended the International Seed Federation Congress, an occasion to meet with representatives from the international seed sector and sharing current and future perspectives on different topics, from phytosanitary, intellectual property and seed marketing to plant health, plant breeding and genetic resources. The meetings also included the communication aspect, and some views of from the stakeholders of the seed industry were broadcasted in cooperation with the Seed World magazine.

During the expert group meetings and the main event, the Euroseeds Secretariat provided an EU perspective to the technical sessions and actively engaged with several stakeholders at EU and international level. The Secretariat took the opportunity to exchange knowledge and share views on the potential scenarios of the most important legislative discussions, ongoing and upcoming, on the plant reproductive material or ‘PRM’, the new genomic techniques (the public consultation is still ongoing), and the sustainable use of pesticides.