The political environment around seed treatment has changed during the last few years. Euroseeds, at that time ESA, being proactive, developed ESTA to meet the new regulatory and political challenges. ESTA is a quality assurance system to ensure that seed treatment and the resulting treated seed meet requirements defined by legislators and industry. 

The European seed and seed treatment sector is committed to delivering high quality treated seed to farmers and growers all over Europe. ESTA certifies that only seed meeting the agreed quality standards is being put in the market. This can be achieved with very limited amounts of chemicals.

Seed Treatments therefore offer great benefits: environmentally, in public health, and economically. With a much lower chemical intensity per hectare, it is more environmentally friendly than spraying crops in the field. Seed treatments combine precision and a minimal active ingredient amount with maximum efficacy and minimal environmental impact.

ESTA has been designed to be compatible with the national quality assurance systems in France (PQP) and in Germany (SeedGuard). The sites that are certified for these schemes are also considered ESTA certified.