Welcome to the PINTO Database

PINTO (Patent Information and Transparency On-line) was created with the aim of improving transparency regarding plant varieties that might fall under the scope of patents or patent applications. Although there are many publicly accessible patent databases, PINTO is unique since it provides the link between a plant variety and a patent or patent application, information which is currently not available elsewhere. The primary goal of PINTO is to allow breeders to make a more informed choice when deciding on the varieties to be used in a breeding program.

The main feature of PINTO is the search tool function which allows users to look through the content of the database on the basis of a number of search criteria such as variety denomination, species, patent number, patent holder or keyword in the patent title. The information included in PINTO is updated continuously by Euroseeds, as the information submitted by PINTO contributors is received.

In order to become a user an account has to be created which can be done by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. If you are already a registered user click on “Sign In” to directly access the search form.

When creating your account to become a PINTO user you will have to accept the PINTO Terms of Use, including the Disclaimers as well as the PINTO Privacy Policy. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the said Terms of Use and Disclaimers before you start using PINTO. When using PINTO, it is very important to remember that the content of PINTO is based on the voluntary contribution of patent holders and licensees. The contribution of each patent holder and/or licensee depends on its own interpretation of the scope of the patents and may not always extend to all varieties that relate to a particular patent or patent application and that are commercialized or registered in the EU and/or EFTA countries. In this respect, it is also underlined that not all varieties mentioned in PINTO that fall under the scope of a certain patent (or patent application) are commercialized by the patent holder: they might also be commercialized by licensees.

For the above reasons, PINTO is not and will never be an exhaustive and fully correct and up to date inventory of the varieties concerned by pending or granted patents and, as a consequence, cannot serve as a tool for complete FTO (Freedom to Operate) searches. It is intended to be one tool to contribute to such FTO searches. Users should check other sources of information to gather further elements relevant for their FTO searches.

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In order to learn more about how your privacy is ensured on the PINTO website, please read the PINTO Privacy Policy.