Euroseeds Open License

Euroseeds Open License

authorizing the use of Artwork developed within the framework of the “European Seed Bag Labeling Initiative”


Euroseeds aisbl (registration number: 0851.021.580), constituted according to chapter III of the Belgian law of June 27, 1921 and having its seat at 52 Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (hereinafter referred to as ‘Euroseeds’ or ‘the right holder’),

has developed the European Seed Bag Labeling Initiative (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Initiative’) in 2011. The core element of the Initiative is the safe use labeling advice which consists of six good practice pictograms and the End User good practice recommendations (hereinafter together referred to as ‘Artwork’). Euroseeds, as author, holds copyright on all the elements of the Initiative according to the Belgian law on copyright and related rights of June 30, 1994 (published in Moniteur belge of July 27, 1994).

Given that the Initiative has been developed as a guidance in view of applicable EU legislation and with the aim of becoming the common standard for the safe labeling of treated seeds and therefore of being followed by the broadest range of seed companies Euroseeds has decided to grant a free, non-exclusive, license to all those who wish to make use of the Initiative.

License terms

The terms of the license are as follows:

1. Anybody downloading the Artwork is authorized:

(a)        to reproduce the Artwork for being used in relation to transfer and sales of treated seed;

(b)        to present the Artwork and engage in any communication about them.

Communication towards the wider public is allowed provided that notification of the right holder takes place at least 14 days prior to any such communication and the right holder expresses no objection thereof;

(c)        to translate the Artwork to any language not yet included in the Initiative provided that notification of the right holder takes place at least 14 days prior to any such communication and the right holder expresses no objection thereof;

Any such translation may only be used as a document separate from the Artwork as available on the Euroseeds website and shall not be added or otherwise included therein.

(d)        to use the Artwork for educational purposes and/or purposes of scientific research.

2. The notification as mentioned under points 1(b) and 1(c) can take the form of fax, e-mail or registered letter.

3. The six good practice pictograms can only be used together. Separate use of the individual pictograms is not allowed under the present open license.

4. No alterations or adaptations can be made to the Artwork without the prior and explicit authorization of the right holder. Euroseeds reserves all rights to bring alterations or adaptations to the Artwork.

5. Any party benefitting from the terms of the present open license is not authorized to further authorize the reproduction, use, communication or translation of the Artwork to any third party.


Any disputes arising from the present open license or in relation thereto shall be governed by Belgian law and shall be dealt with by the competent courts located in Brussels.

The license terms can be unilaterally modified by the right holder and any such modification has to be published on the Euroseeds website ( without delay.

The present license enters into force at the moment of receiving the Artwork by e-mail from the Euroseeds Secretariat and remains in force until its revocation.

In case you are interested in obtaining the pictograms, please send an e-mail with your name, surname and the name of your company/association to the Euroseeds Secretariat at By requesting the pictograms, you indicate that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the present Open License Agreement