Embracing the Power of Nature

July 12, 2019

Plant breeding innovation is essential for sustainable agriculture.

Plant breeding is the art and science of adapting plant characteristics to agricultural needs in order to produce more healthy, tasty and nutritious food.

Embracing the Power of Nature is an initiative of Euroseeds, the voice of the European seed sector, representing the interests of those active in the research, breeding, production and marketing of seeds of agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plant species.

Over past centuries, plant breeding has made an important contribution to the evolution of agriculture, by meeting consumer demands and by addressing the challenges of a highly productive and sustainable agriculture and food production. With the continuous evolution of our understanding of nature, plant breeders today can rely on a large toolbox that includes smart, molecular tools and big data analysis, which can help us to speed up traditional plant breeding processes that otherwise often require many years.

The purpose of this initiative is to engage with a wider public interested in learning about plant breeding and latest plant breeding methods and to encourage a European regulatory and policy environment that supports plant breeding innovation.

This initiative uses modern communication channels such as social media to reach out and provide fact-based information on plant breeding innovation, to explain the latest plant breeding methods and why plant breeders should be able to add them to their toolbox.

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