Advocates for sustainability and mitigation of climate change

January 14, 2020

Our aspiration

The European seed sector is dedicated to developing robust and resilient varieties, that perform well also under increasingly extreme and fast changing weather conditions.

Our challenge

In the coming decades, modern agriculture needs to sustainably produce more plant-based products for the wider bio-economy, preserving natural resources and biodiversity under changing climatic conditions. More extreme and varied weather phenomena, together with related new phytosanitary threats and crop management problems, are creating additional challenges to all European crop production.

Our response

Innovative approaches in plant breeding and seed production give farmers access to the best quality seeds that play a major role in helping them to respond to climate change and the new pest and disease pressures it brings. New plant varieties also contribute to reducing the use of pesticides, fertilisers and other inputs.

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January 6, 2020
Our aspirations for the European Seed Sector